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Authentic Learning and Creativity

Authentic Learning and Creativity Workshop

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Make learning relevant. Seek global connections. This workshop equips educators with hands-on practice in addressing the learning needs of students with engaging real-world tasks in ways that are not possible without technology, and exploring methods of developing students' creative thinking. Topics include

  • Use of online resources to promote critical thinking
  • Essential questions to drive learning
  • Authentic problem-based learning
  • Global connections
  • Inquiry-based learning and social constructivist strategies

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this workshop, you will be equipped with hands-on strategies to facilitate higher-order thinking skills—moving beyond copy-and-paste assignments to create authentic learning experiences and encourage creativity in a technology-enhanced environment. You will be able to

  • analyze issues related to engaging students in 21st century learning through the use of authentic and creative thinking tasks
  • investigate and discuss the connections between inquiry, project-based learning, problem solving, and developing students' creativity
  • evaluate a planning tool that guides educators in designing authentic learning activities, including developing essential questions
  • apply authentic learning and creativity principles by planning your own authentic learning task, joining an online authentic learning project, or teaching a CyberSmart! lesson
  • collaborate with other educators in an inquiry-based online learning community, exploring the use of digital tools to foster the development of 21st century skills

Online Workshop Features

Trained facilitators
Access to experts
Collaborative community
Learn by doing
Easy data management
Integrated assessment
Customized and scaleable

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