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Motivate Your Students
Motivate Your Students Motivate Your Students Motivate Your Students Motivate Your Students Motivate Your Students

CyberSmart! Online Workshops, facilitated professional development, give educators a hands-on experience in 21st century skills—the new basic skills—to meet the learning needs of today's students. That's S-M-A-R-T. Watch demos

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Five Online Workshops

Reserve your seat now online. Click one of the S M A R T workshops above or contact us to discuss groups.New!

Each facilitated workshop offers a flexible format with no scheduled meeting times. Bite-sized tasks are structured to encourage collaboration and completion within a research-based professional learning community. Anytime/anywhere over a one month period.

Expert Knowledgebase

At the heart of every learner-centered workshop is the inquiry-based CyberSmart! Knowledgebase, where educators question experts on thousands of topics.


New! Sustain learning with the access to CyberSmart! Knowledgebase year round. Hundreds of easily searched video segments continue CyberSmart learning long after the workshop is over.

Collaborative Learning

All workshops offer a rich multimedia learning experience. The interactive format includes guided learning videos, engaging discussion, and use of Web 2.0 tools to appeal to varying levels of technical expertise—all within in a supportive professional learning community.

Engaging Students

Today's students are tuning out school because the ways they are asked to learn are dramatically different from the ways they learn in their digital world. But when schools open their doors to digital learning, student engagement and achievement soar.

CyberSmart! Online Workshops engage educators hands-on in the same kinds of 21st century learning they are expected to encourage in the classroom.

Online Workshop Features

  • Anywhere/anytime
  • Trained facilitators
  • Access to experts
  • Collaborative community
  • Learn by doing
  • Easy data management
  • Integrated assessment
  • Customized and scaleable

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I didn't realize how isolated I was professionally until I experienced an online workshop where I interacted within extended 'conversations' that sometimes took unexpected turns but always remained lively and interesting.

Diane Cordell, K-12 School Library Media Secialist, Fort AnnSchool, New York

I loved the use of online surveys, discussions and the "online community of learners" approach to this workshop. The CyberSmart! Knowledgebase of kept me engaged for hours, literally. It was great to listen to experts as they shared their perspectives on 21st Century learning.

Kirstin Riddick, Resource Teacher Coordinator, Newark Public Schools, Newark, NJ

North Carolina District Turns to CyberSmart!

Outstanding! I am most impressed and pleased with the work that you have done for us. The workshop was well aligned with the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards and met our district strategy to provide our professional staff with training to support the development of 21st century skills.

Tezella Cline, Professional Development Specialist, Lenoir County Public Schools

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Case Study

Increase Student Engagement

The overwhelming majority of CyberSmart! participants report they are now more likely to use online resources to increase student engagement in learning.

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Case Study

NSBA's Techology Leadership Network is pleased to work with CyberSmart! as a provider of online professional development in 21st century skills to NSBA's TLN member districts.

These workshops are for all kinds of educators, it doesn't matter what you teach. The skills I learned will be with me for life.

Meg Swecker, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, Roanoke County Schools, Virginia

... The expert videos in the CyberSmart! Knowledgebase are loaded with material—direct, short, and to the point. They provide easy-to-understand reasons for implementing technology in the district classroom in order for students to learn 21st Century skills through authentic learning.

George Lieux, District Student Assistance Technology Academy Specialist Fort Smith Public Schools, Arkansas

I understand better how online learning can be integrated with regular classroom learning to provide more resources and a broader learning venue...

Susan Tussing, Principal, Lyndeborough Central School, New Hampshire