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Each workshop takes place over period of four consecutive weeks—for a total of 10 hours. There are no scheduled meeting times. Participants have a list of To-Dos, structured in convenient bite sized pieces, requiring no more than 2.5 hours per week.

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Collaborative community

Each workshop consists of a professional learning community of 20 to 25 educators plus one facilitator. Weekly tasks are structured to encourage collaborative problem-solving and reflection around workshop content.

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Connect with experts

At the heart of every learner-centered workshop is the inquiry-based CyberSmart! Knowledgebase. This is a unique, interactive, multimedia database of an ever-growing list of now more than 85 experts on all things Internet—from its impact on society, learning, and achievement to its ethical and legal implications.

With its use integrated throughout each workshop, the CyberSmart! Knowledgebase provides a unique learning dimension for all workshop participants. Topic areas of practical relevance to each participant's professional context drive their learning explorations in the Knowledgebase.

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Learn by doing

Educators participate in authentic hands-on tasks structured and connected to their actual professional environment, requiring inquiry, reflection, and experimentation with 21st century skills. The research-based design has been shown to result in measurable positive effects on educators' knowledge and skills, resulting in changes in classroom practice.

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CyberSmart! Online assessment provides instant and total accountability through

  1. survey and evaluation data
  2. a portfolio of all written work
  3. aggregate data reports
  4. real-time participate tracking
  5. comprehensive usage summaries
  6. workshop rubrics

The data is easily configured into district-level and subgroup-level reports.

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Support daily teaching

Two free resources support daily teaching. The free CyberSmart! Student Curriculum empowers students to use the Internet safely, responsibly, and effectively. The free CyberSmart! Educator Toolbar puts 21st century skills into practice every day, with just-in-time 24/7 access to annotated essential resources to support student learning.

Trained facilitators

The use of a facilitator—an experienced educational professional—combined with the real-world relevance of CyberSmart! Online Workshops and a supportive online community leads to an unusually high completion rate of over 85 percent compared to a dismal 20-30% for most online training.

Sustainable learning

New! Sustain learning with the access to CyberSmart! Expert Knowledgebase year round. Hundreds of easily searched video segments continue CyberSmart learning long after the workshop is over.

Customizable and scalable

CyberSmart! Online Workshops can be customized using local experts and new instructional activities. And our train-the-trainer model makes large-scale facilitated professional development implementations easy and cost-effective.

Blended learning

CyberSmart! Online Workshops include optional face-to-face materials for conducting pre-, mid-, and post-workshop activities to be facilitated by participant-leaders (i.e., workshop participants who wish to take a leadership role).