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Online Workshop Case Studies

Watch demos North Carolina District Turns to CyberSmart! for 21st Century Professional Development. CyberSmart! helps Lenoir County incorporate authentic learning and creative thinking into instruction. The State of North Carolina is in the forefront of the 21st century skills movement. Read more

NetTrekker Educators Explore 21st Century Teaching and Learning in seeking to expand the conversation about what it means to be a 21st century learner and educator. Read more

I loved the use of online surveys, discussions and the "online community of learners" approach to this workshop. The CyberSmart! Knowledgebase of kept me engaged for hours, literally. It was great to listen to experts as they shared their perspectives on 21st Century learning.

Kirstin Riddick, Resource Teacher Coordinator, Newark Public Schools, Newark, NJ

Looking back at the past month I have learned a great deal not only about myself as a teacher but how I can use the cyberworld to create better lessons...The fact that the workshop took place over an extended period of time gave me time to reflect on the week and consider my answers and projects. There is no other way to teach a class on 21st century learning and teaching than on-line. It gives us the tools to use and shows us the methods immediately. We are learning as we are doing.

Carolyn Stefanou, Special Education Teacher Grades 6-8 Social Studies, Elmwood Park, New Jersey School District

Increase Student Engagement

The overwhelming majority of CyberSmart! participants report they are now more likely to use online resources to increase student engagement in learning.

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... The expert videos in the CyberSmart! Knowledgebase are loaded with material—direct, short, and to the point. They provide easy-to-understand reasons for implementing technology in the district classroom in order for students to learn 21st Century skills through authentic learning.

George Lieux, District Student Assistance Technology Academy Specialist Fort Smith Public Schools, Arkansas

While working with my geometry students I would think back to some of the strategies I was exposed to in the CyberSmart! Workshop. This is what is so great in working in a collaborative environment; when the workload is split and work is shared, it gives a teacher time to investigate other creative, engaging lessons without being overwhelmed.

Jessica Nelson, HS math teacher, Forsyth County, Georgia