Testimonials about CyberSmart! Online Workshops | Testimonials about CyberSmart Student Curriculum

Testimonials about CyberSmart! Online Workshops

NSBA's Techology Leadership Network is pleased to work with CyberSmart! as a provider of online professional development in 21st century skills to NSBA's TLN member districts.

These workshops are for all kinds of educators, it doesn't matter what you teach. The skills I learned will be with me for life.

Meg Swecker, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, Roanoke County Schools, Virginia

Aha! moments and participants' reflections from workshop discussion forums are the best testimony to the professional learning that occurs routinely.

I understand better how online learning can be integrated with regular classroom learning to provide more resources and a broader learning venue...

Susan Tussing, Principal, Lyndeborough Central School, New Hampshire

I didn't realize how isolated I was professionally until I experienced an online workshop where I interacted within extended 'conversations' that sometimes took unexpected turns but always remained lively and interesting.

Diane Cordell, K-12 School Library Media Secialist, Fort AnnSchool, New York

Anonymous quotes from workshop participants at end of workshop survey

The beauty of this course is that it is not just for teachers—it's for anyone who wants to learn how to access quality information through an efficient and thorough process. It's a pathway to lifelong learning!


If I didn't have the guidance from the CyberSmarty and the other participants, I probably would have dropped out after the second week. The collaboration aspect was exceptional!!!


The format of the course was great! Best online course I've ever taken. The videos made a huge difference.


I learned a LOT of information. I heard from experts that supported my theories on technology education. I was exposed to technology that I hadn't been in the past. Great experiences! I also felt the class was very well organized. I knew what was expected of me, where I'd been, and where I was going.

Roanoke 1

I found several things valuable and couldn't choose one: copyright info, plagiarism, invisible web. Overall, I felt this course was well worth my time and I am glad that I participated.I am definitely a more knowledgeable instructional leader because of it.

Roanoke 2

Testimonials about CyberSmart Student Curriculum

The activities presented on this site are perfect and address 100% of what I want kids to know about safety and searching online. We are very impressed.

Judy, Curtis, Office of Technology Staff Development, Lamar CISD, Texas

We are printing your posters on iron-ons and making t-shirts for our class to wear during our cyber safety unit!

Public Middle School Teacher, Kansas

This is such an important area for children to learn, it should be almost as second nature [to them]

Librarian Media Specialist, The Learning Center, Maryland

I am very excited about implementing your program at my school! I am considering offering it as a summer school option for interested students.

Classroom teacher, Reedsburg School District, Wisconsin

This will be a wonderful addition to our curriculum.

Classroom teacher, Pennsylvania

I love this site and want to use several lessons.

Classroom teacher, technology, Archdiocese of New Orleans, Louisiana

Thanks for the wonderful lesson plans!

Teacher, classroom, Lemmon School District, South Dakota

I love this curriculum because it empowers my students and it can be used as part of other curriculum areas. Thanks for providing this wonderful curriculum!

Classroom Teacher/Technology, Private School District, New Jersey

I love your site. I have used many of the ideas offered and promoted it to the other media specialists in my district. Thanks so much!

Teacher, School Librarian/Media Specialist, Michigan

I am thrilled to have found your site. Before I found your site I was unsure how to tackle the Internet issued with the young ones, but the plans and worksheets are very informative. Thanks!

Teacher, technology, Massachusetts

Thank you for this wonderful resource! I would highly recommend it for all subject areas.

Teacher, technology, South Carolina

I will definitely be using the lesson plans and activity sheets. I can't thank you enough. I have been making up my own lessons, but yours are more complete and more professional looking.

Teacher, technology, California

I am enjoying the fine lessons you have created.

Classroom teacher, Carlsbad Municipal Schools, New Mexico

Wow! What a fantastic resource. I look forward to using these with my students. This site will help me to better communicate how to be a responsible computer user.

Classroom Teacher, New Jersey

I was thrilled to find your site. It is going to make my job so much easier. Thank you!!!

Teacher, technology, Connecticut

The materials are age appropriate and the lessons are easy to follow.

Teacher, technology, Maryland

We are currently developing a resource package for our principals regarding cyber bullying, and came across your amazing and extremely helpful web site.

Curriculum Director/Coordinator, Canada

My first graders are learning so much with your program. The parents are very pleased with their abilities and with their knowledge of the Internet. Thank you so much.

Teacher, classroom, Arkansas

We are printing your posters on iron-ons and making t-shirts for our class to wear during our cyber safety unit!

Public Middle School Teacher, Kansas

Your beautifully designed site has excellent materials which will be very useful in implementing our technology curriculum.

Teacher, Sydney Australia

Your site has been an excellent resource for developing a technology program in its infancy stages. Thank you!

Technology Director, Public School District, New Jersey

This is so awesome! I’ve been looking for help teaching computer ethics to my 7 th and 8 th grade technology students. Thank you for such a great resource!

Classroom Teacher, Public Intermediate School, California

I am so excited! I am thrilled with your depth, continuity and age appropriateness… our students will be required to complete your curriculum before being allowed to link to the Internet…

Gifted Program Teacher, Public Elementary School

I was very impressed with the quality and quantity of materials presented.

Teacher, technology, Kentucky

I was specifically looking for information regarding copyright laws when using the Internet and I found your lessons. Thank you!

Public School Unified School District, California

I am putting together a computer camp for girls. I discovered your curriculum and I think it is top notch and can’t wait to see how the girls like it.

TechServe Coordinator, University of Pittsburgh

I am interested in using the Cyber Smart Curriculum with my library classes.

Librarian/Media Specialist, Public Elementary School, New Jersey

This looks like a fantastic curriculum! We’re writing it into our district technology plan and I’ll share it with our local CTAP (California Technology Assistance Project)

Technology Teacher on Assignment, California

I am developing web resources for teachers on ethical use of the Internet. We are going to link to your wonderful site!

Middle School Teahcer, Cambridge Mass.

I can’t thank you enough for the your lessons, particularly on research and the MLA format for citing sites. I was making my own lessons but yours are, frankly, more complete and more professional looking

Middle School Technology Teacher, California

Right at this moment 4,000 teen peace leaders and their communities from Argentina, Brasil, Columbia, Ecuador, and Chile are spreading a Media Awareness campaign in the region and integrating your CyberSmart! Curriculum!

Buenos Aires

Thank you for citing ISTE standards!

Technology Teacher, Virginia

I love it and do not think it could be any better!

Classroom Teacher, Public Elementary School, New York

Keep up the good work!

Classroom Teacher, Public Elementary School, New Mexico

I am very pleased with Cybersmart and often can’t decide on which activity is the most pleasant and fun for my special education students

Classroom Teacher, Public Elementary School, Missouri

I am using CyberSmart with 8th and 9th grade students. Congradulations on developing excellant materials that are free to use!

High school teacher, Western Australia

The lessons are so well thought out (you must have actual teachers creating these lessons--thank you!!!!). The students are learning so many things that they have never been taught before. I really appreciate all of the effort you've put into making such great lessons! Thank you!

Jill Rhodes, Paddock Elementary School, Illinois

We lost our funding for a computer teacher and now are classroom teachers are responsible for teaching our technology standards to their own students. We need to provide them some tools to do this effectively and your program is a good fit…

Administrator, Public School District, Arizona

In my 7 th grade literacy class, my students are doing a research project and in order to prepare them to use the Internet I used some of your lesson plans. I wasn’t sure how to approach the task of teaching the students proper search strategies and website evaluation, but your lessons made the process very understandable. The lessons ideas are awesome and the activity sheets are extremely user-friendly! Thank you for making such an overwhelming topic more manageable!

Literacy Teacher, Public Middle School, Illinois

Wow! You saved me! We are now developing a tech curriculum with benchmarks we could trace to NETS. I found your site through thegateway.org and I am very pleased – it’s just what we needed to get started.

Technology Director, Public School District, Montana

I loved this site! Cybersmart helped me to guide teachers and students to outstanding lessons and activities, while improving our technology preformance and surpassing NCLB requirements.

Classroom Teacher, Public School District, Indiana

This curriculum is really teaching ME how to teach the children to evaluate a web site, cite it correctly and… it is making ME feel more comfortable about encouraging integration of the Internet in the curriculum.

Library Director, Public Elementary District, Illinois

You will never know how helpful your website is or how much I appreciate it! It will save me countless hours of trying to develop some sort of curriculum for teaching computers that will meet my school districts’ requirements. Five Gold Stars!!!

Classroom Teacher Public Elementary School, New Mexico

Your material is right on target and gives the instructor many options for creativity.

Teacher, After-School Recreation Center, Virginia

At our school every child, grade 1-4 has their own Apple I-book computer. I have been using your curriculum with my first graders... their parents are very pleased!

Classroom teacher, Public Elementary School Arkansas

I have been struggling to teach these concepts effectively and your curriculum has helped greatly.

Classroom Teacher, Public Elementary School, Pennsylvania

I can’t believe your curriculum is free! And free of adds, which is wonderful in a school setting.

Classroom Teacher, Public Elementary School, Georgia

I can't believe that this WONDERFUL resource is free. It is so well put together. I love how it allows it moves into their home life (by asking them to talk to their parents), brings up morality issues (reminding them of rules in life and comparing them to the way we should behave online), and shows them what a serious responsibility being on the internet truly is.

Classroom Teacher Private School, Chicago, Illinois

I am a media specialist and have been doing more and more with technology in my elementary library classes. Your curriculum is a great way to establish a standard by which students can use technology effectively.

Librarian, Public Elementary School, Kentucky

Without your materials I would never have know what words to speak to discuss the ethical, safety and legal issues of Internet use for elementary school age children. Thank you! We have no learning objectives about these issues in our district – just a legal sound Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) so you curriculum is now a portion of our district’s technology scope and sequence.

Technology Director, Public School District, New Jersey

AWESOME Site! I love it.

Public Elementary Teacher, Oklahoma

Great web site – I plan to share it with fellow media specialists.

Public Elementary School Librarian, Ohio

I am responsible for teaching 5 th grade technology skills and your curriculum is just the help I needed.

Classroom Teacher, Public Elementary School, Minnesota

I am using this in elementary library classes which I teach all day. I used some of the lessons when I was being evaluated with my principal and she really liked the activities!

School Librarian, Public Elementary School, Kentucky

My congratulations to your development team. These are some of the best lessons I have seen on the subject. And I have seen a ton!

Technology Director, Public School District, Tennessee

Wonderful product! I will spread the word!

Technology Teacher, Public School, South Carolina

Your website is great. I’ve been using it for 3 rd-5 th grade and my students love it!

Technology Teacher, Catholic School, Florida

Thank you for these wonderful activities! You made my day when I found all these free resources!

Technology Teacher, Private School, Minnesota

The web site looks terrific. The organization and objectives are excellent.

Administrator, Public School District, Massachusetts

We are incorporating your course into our curriculum…

Administrator, Private School, Maryland

This is a fantastic curriculum. We are writing it into our district technology plan!

Teacher Support Center, Public School District, California

I would like to implement this curriculum at all grade levels.

Technology Coordinator, Potterville Public K-12 District, California

This is such an important area for children to learn as second nature. I am going to use the material for both our students and staff.

Administrator, Private School, Virginia

Our classroom teachers are now responsible for teaching our district technology standards to their own students. I would like to provide them some tools to do this effectively. Your program is a good fit for our needs.

Administrator, Higley Unified Public School District K-8, Arizona

This is a great Product! Awesome. Thanks for developing it. I'm excited to share it with my Tech Curriculum Team & other teachers.

Technology, Cave Creek Unified School District, Arizona

An excellent resource that I have added to my favorites site! Your site provides excellent topics for classroom discussions with and without computers!

Teacher, Gaithersburg, MD