Important Cybersafety Informaton for Families and Educators to be Featured in National Stay Safe Online Campaign

WASHINGTON -- May 16, 2002

New CyberSmart "Tech Talk" Provides Interactive Educational Resource

Washington, DC, May 16, 2002 - The National Cyber Security Alliance, a new government-industry partnership with the support of the White House, is enlisting one of its important partners in its effort to ensure Internet security in our nation's homes, businesses and schools. The CyberSmart School Program announced today that it will provide a unique "Tech Talk" resource to The National Cyber Security Alliance's "Stay Safe Online" campaign. An interactive audio and visual presentation, CyberSmart's "Tech Talk" will offer in-depth information to teachers and parents on how to promote responsible and effective Internet use among children.

The announcement was made in conjunction with today's White House sanctioned Town Hall Meeting held in Denver, Colorado to discuss national cyber security strategy. The event is sponsored by the President's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board, and is the first of four Town Hall Meetings to be held nationwide.

We need to teach children how to recognize hateful and dangerous information online," said Richard Clarke, Special Advisor to the President on Cyberspace Security. "By introducing cyber-ethics and effective Internet use to children at a young age, the CyberSmart! Program "Tech Talk" resource will help to make cyberspace a safe place for both children and adults alike."

Co-published by The CyberSmart School Program and The McGraw-Hill Companies - both founding members of The National Cyber Security Alliance, CyberSmart! is a comprehensive Internet education program available free of charge to schools and families across the country. The program enlists the support of educators and parents in a national effort to protect the Unites States from all forms of terrorism, including cyberterrorism. CyberSmart! addresses character building and decision-making related to successful technology use, teaching students what online behaviors and tactics are acceptable, appropriate and effective.

With CyberSmart!, students learn how to evaluate and compare informational Web sites, how to recognize commercial messages and how to protect their identities and privacy. CyberSmart! also teaches students guidelines for good manners in cyberspace, including tips for e-mail, instant messages, chat rooms and message boards. Students also learn how to respond to unsolicited e-mail and handle uncomfortable situations online.

"Just as we need to keep our physical space safe, we must also work to ensure cyberspace remains free of hate and violence," said Jim Teicher, co-executive director of The CyberSmart School Program. "CyberSmart! provides teachers and parents with an 'owners manual' for children's safe, responsible and effective Internet use. In the same way students need to understand what the safety rules are when they go to the park or any other public place, they must also learn a separate set of rules for navigating cyberspace."

CyberSmart's new "Tech Talk" component provides an in-depth explanation of each of the program's five units: Safety, Manners, Advertising, Research and Technology (SMART). As a teacher or parent listens to a description of each subject matter topic, a number of slides with teacher lesson plans and student activity worksheets are provided. Many of the CyberSmart! lessons include activities that parents and children can work on together.

"While the Internet increases our information sharing capabilities, it also poses significant challenges for children," said Harold McGraw III, Chairman and CEO of The McGraw-Hill Companies. "In order to fulfill the Internet's promise, we have to teach children the skills and give them the support they need to use the Internet responsibly and intelligently."

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About The CyberSmart! School Program

The CyberSmart! School Program is devoted to empowering children to securely and responsibly take full advantage of computers and the Internet. The challenge to be CyberSmart! captures its vision of a savvy and responsible generation of young technology users. The CyberSmart! Curriculum was created by Jim Teicher and Mala Bawer, Executive Directors of The CyberSmart! School Program, and is co-published with Macmillan/McGraw-Hill. In addition to The CyberSmart! Curriculum, other CyberSmart! activities include professional development for educators, and related programs that encourage and facilitate safe and effective technology use. Additional information is available at

About the President's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board

Created in October 2001, The President's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board (PCIPB) brings together more than 25 senior officials of Executive Branch departments, as well as the White House offices of the Vice President, Chief of Staff, National Security Advisor, Homeland Security Director, Management & Budget Director, and the Science Advisor to address cyber related vulnerabilities within the federal government and the private sector.

Town Hall Meetings to raise awareness of the need for cyber security and to educate Americans on the current U.S. cyberspace security initiatives will be held in Denver May 16, Chicago May 30, Portland June 6 and Atlanta June 18.

About the National Cyber Security Alliance:

The National Cyber Security Alliance is a cooperative effort between industry and government organizations to foster awareness of cyber security through educational outreach and public awareness. For more information on the Alliance or the Stay Safe Online Campaign, please call Neill Edwards at 202-482-7473, or visit our web site


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